Love on the rocks

Your relationship is a little messy and unstable, full of conflicts and arguments. That is not anyone’s fault, not yours and not your partner’s.

It looks like you’d benefit from some support.

A relationship is essentially built based on two separate individuals trying to reach a common ground and mutually understand each other.

If you are feeling a little low in yourself, this may be impacting your relationship. How does this low self-esteem impact you? When your partner questions your actions, are you quick to jump on the defensive?

Boundaries are a bit of a sore spot, too. You’re scared to say ‘no’ even when it’s in your best interest. Plus negative emotions tend to freak you out… Luckily, there’s a clear path forward!

Perhaps, due to circumstances, the two of you are struggling now. However your relationship can be nurtured and it may eventually blossom into a beautiful love.

If you are dedicated to making this relationship work, let your partner know. With a shared commitment to move forward together you are likely to grow closer with counselling.

However, it you are unsure of how to move forward, consider some personal counselling. Counselling can help you identify your challenges and create a path forward that you feel comfortable with.

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