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Practically speaking ‘mindfulness’ refers to a simple, portable skill set that helps us to recognise when we are out of balance and quickly return to a centred, calm state. Adopting mindful strategies allows us to spend more time in the array of light-hearted emotions that make life more enjoyable.

In this easy to follow six-week course, you will explore how to recognise and catch stress and practically switch on your inner calm, whilst also making room for challenging emotions. Learn how mindfulness helps to actively refocus your attention so you can make clear, value-driven choices about the actions you take. 

elements of communication include

  • learning to actively listen and let others know you have heard and understood them
  • noticing how your own biases can impact what you hear
  • being willing to have a difference of opinion
  • understanding how perspective impacts each persons unique viewpoint
  • being other-orientated in your approach
  • showing empathy and being compassionate
  • learning how to choose the right time, place and format to share your thoughts
  • understanding the value of feedback

Relationship Survival 

Online Course Coming Soon

The Relationship Survival course and card deck are designed to support couples to overcome gridlocked issues and regain shared meaning. Couples learn the secrets to asking without criticising and listening without defensiveness.  By drawing on the relationships unique strengths, this course assists couples to develop an empathetic approach to disagreements and find creative solutions that rekindle intimacy.

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