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Level 01.

 Introduction to Mindfulness

 Course commencing Monday 10 August – 6 weeks

Practically speaking ‘mindfulness’ refers to a simple, portable skill set that helps us to recognise when we are out of balance and quickly return to a centred, calm state. Adopting mindful strategies allows us to spend more time in the array of light-hearted emotions that make life more enjoyable.

In this easy to follow six-week course, you will explore how to recognise and catch stress and practically switch on your inner calm, whilst also making room for challenging emotions. Learn how mindfulness helps to actively refocus your attention so you can make clear, value-driven choices about the actions you take. This course is a prerequisite for level 2.

elements of communication include

  • learning to actively listen and let others know you have heard and understood them
  • noticing how your own biases can impact what you hear
  • being willing to have a difference of opinion
  • understanding how perspective impacts each persons unique viewpoint
  • being other-orientated in your approach
  • showing empathy and being compassionate
  • learning how to choose the right time, place and format to share your thoughts
  • understanding the value of feedback

Level 02.

Mindful Communication

 Course commencing Monday 12 October – 6 weeks

Although there are is an unspoken expectation that we all understand how communication works, truth is, for most people, this skillset is something we have never been taught. Knowing what to say in difficult situations or how to proceed when we feel overwhelmed with emotions, can be hard.

For many of us, when life gets difficult it is commonly a result of communication breakdown. Saying or not saying the right words, in the right way, can impact our intimate relationship, family bonds, friendships or working life. This can lead to devastating outcomes for everyone involved.

Yet finding the right words and actions isn’t easy, this can cause anxiety, that can sometimes become a further barrier, which inhibits our ability to connect.

Learning to communicate well helps us overcome our fears, take well-considered risks and build successful relationships, all of which are foundational skills for living a full and meaningful life.

This six-week course breaks down the key elements of communication to easily understandable steps and offers practical strategies that enable you to confidently connect with others in a meaningful way.  

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