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Personal Counselling

Whether you’ve had counselling before or you’re thinking about trying it for the first time, Yarra Valley Counselling aims to provide you with a professional, compassionate and affordable service to ensure you get the results you desire. 

Therapist, Joanna Joustra  offers a person-centred, practical approach, tailored to suit each person’s individual needs. Joanna aims to support her clients to self-reflect, develop new strategies and take effective action to confidently address challenges and successfully build the life they want.

If you’d like to discuss whether counselling is right for you, give Joanna a call on 1800 592 213

benefits of counselling include


  • Feel calmer
  • Sleep better
  • Navigate change
  • Feel understood
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Focused to take action
  • Renewed resilience
  • Capacity to manage pain and stress
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Clarification of personal values
  • Feelings of vitality and joy

Couples Counselling

Relationship counselling supports couples to develop communication, overcome gridlocked problems and rekindle intimacy. This form of counselling may also suit individuals who are trying to develop a better understanding of themselves within their relationship. You will find this form of support beneficial if you are:

  • adjusting to a new relationship

  • wanting to repair tension

  • seeking to rekindle intimacy

  • struggling to explore difficult subjects

  • gridlocked over reoccurring issues

  • seeking to develop communication skills

  • considering breaking-up and would like to retain your friendship

The foundation of this work is based on Joanna’s own approach utilising the Relationship Survival Kit, combined with the Gottman Method which is an internationally recognised, scientifically proven set of effective interventions, that she adapts to each couple’s unique needs. Joanna’s aim is to support couples to improve communication, understand each other’s perspectives, manage personal stress and build on individual and shared strengths.

Relationship Surival Kit

Inspired by her work with couples at Yarra Valley Counselling,  Joanna has created the Relationship Survival Kit; a simple yet powerful card game that reimagines how couples communicate, connect and grow together.

Specifically designed to take the stress out of relationship counselling this effective conflict management tool supports couples to share their feelings and actively listen to each other’s concerns. The respectful format of conversation that is introduced through the game sets a tone for future discussions.

This is a contemporary approach to conflict management that recognises emerging arguments as an opportunity to develop understanding and foster intimacy.

Beyond the counselling session, couples are encouraged to make ongoing use of the card deck whenever challenges appear. When utilised at home the cards help to reinforce newfound communication skills, improve loving connection and support the joyful longevity of a fulfilling relationship.

some ways to develop wellbeing

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